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Workshops Directory

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The workshops listed here are the workshops that are available from time to time or on request. See the Face 2 Face Workshop page for current and upcoming scheduled workshops. If you are interested in attending one of the listed workshops, hosting a workshop or organising a workshop for a small group please get in touch through the Contact page to express your interest. All workshops can be customised on request or a workshop can be designed to meet your specific interests. For further information, please get in touch through the Contacts page on this website.


Art Workshops include:

  • Eco-dyeing, botanical printing, rust printing and yarn making
  • Joomchi (Paper Felting)
  • Bookbinding including Journal Making
  • Book Art (including book folding)
  • Visible mending and Boro
  • Upcycling Textiles and Clothing
  • Furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloths)
  • ‘Making Memories, Stitching Time’ (creating textile based memorial objects)
  • Paper and Stitch (textile techniques for paper)
  • Slow stitch as meditation and creative immersion

Art based programs supporting death, dying and grieving journeys…

  • A Yarn About Death.
    A customisable, short workshop series that creates spaces for conversations about death, dying, grief and bereavement.
    Making yarn is a metaphor for bringing the threads of our lives and experiences together as we reflect on and talk about death and dying in a small supportive group. The repetitive nature of the yarn making process supports a relaxed and gentle atmosphere in which to connect and share conversations that are rarely had in our daily lives. The yarn can be used in ritual and funerary objects that can accompany a body through its transition.


  • Wrap Me In Memories®
    The Wrap Me In Memories® workshop series is based on a social perspective of death, recognising that the dying and their close circle are all impacted and need support during and beyond the transition to death. Originally developed for people living with dementia and their families, the Wrap Me In Memories® workshops recognise that when death and deterioration are protracted, and particularly when care needs prevent a person remaining at home, grieving begins early, relationships can be negatively impacted by stress and dying becomes more conflicted than it needs to be.
    Wrap Me In Memories® provides a haven experience alongside the complexities of protracted dying and grieving by bringing family members and close friends together to gather and create memories and connections prior to the death of loved one. Through the shared creation of memory quilts and objects, stories and memories are gathered, a space for positive connections is created and relationships continue to grow. The quilt incorporates elements significant to the dying person and can be used prior to death, included in funeral rites or kept as a treasured momento by families.
    Wrap Me In Memories® can be delivered to family and friendship groups, small support groups and unrelated individuals who form their own supportive group. The program can be delivered in residential care settings, hospice settings, community palliative care spaces and home environments.
    While originally developed for people living with dementia and their families, Wrap Me In Memories® is also suitable for people living with life limiting illnesses and people approaching the end of life years and their family groups.
    An adapted program model is available for family and friendship groups where a loved one has already died and there is still a desire to gather and honour the memories and relationships that the individuals within the group had with the deceased.


  • Mourning The Missing
    The Mourning The Missing Program was originally developed to support people who had family members or close friends who went missing and whose bodies may or may not have been found until a much later date, or not at all.  Participants created mourning garments that expressed their memories and relationships with the missing person and that gave them a ‘body’ to farewell. By creating mourning garments for the missing loved one, they were able to actively engage and progress their grieving process, reframe their responses to the protracted experience of a missing loved one and farewell their loved one in a way that they had previously been unable to do.
    Mourning The Missing has evolved as a powerfully supportive program model that supports active engagement with prolonged and complex grieving processes. Beyond missing persons, it is well suited to people who have lost loved ones in traumatic events where bodies were badly damaged; where bodies have been absent or not available for funeral rites; where people have been unable to participate in farewelling a loved one; and where there is significant impact by a lack of community or family acknowledgement of a person’s grieving process. Completed garments can be the focus of rituals and ceremonies of farewell and remembrance.


  • Re-Dress Me®/ Re-Imagine Me
    The Re-Dress Me®/Re-Imagine Me suite of programs have a focus on re-creating and re-imaging ourselves and our lives after trauma, significant transitions and life events that have, for a time, put our lives in a holding pattern. These programs incorporate visual narrative therapy strategies and textile processes to support reflection, reframing and reconstitution through wearable artworks that tell stories of who we want to become and where we want to be. Creative and active decision-making supports us to change our responses to unchangeable events and bring treasured aspects of our pasts into a regenerated authentic future. The Re-Dress Me®/Re-Imagine Me programs are ideal for people recovering from traumatic events, after life changing losses and for those navigating critical life transitions.

    *Programs and workshops can be tailored for small groups, family groups and individuals or customised for specific needs.
    **Program Suitability: Programs are suitable for people at all stages of transitions, even when the loss event is quite distant. Readiness for program engagement and benefits for participants will vary from individual to individual. Please contact Anzara to discuss any concerns about program suitability.

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