Artist Statement

June 9, 2015

As a textile and paper artist I work primarily in wearable art and garment based sculptural forms.  Why garments?

Garment forms represent cultural and universal discourses and also invite personal and individual engagement with the stories they tell. They are visual poems telling stories of masks and mirrors of identity.  They take on personalities and characters, making them ideal for exploring archetypes and icons, myth, mystery, illusion, memory, experience and transformation.

The process of fine crafting in my garments challenges me to immerse myself in the voice of the work and the making of memories as well as the visual aesthetic. It is a way of valuing age-old practices, mastery and patience. In doing so, the construction process is as critical as the end result and questions the instant gratification and mass production ethos of contemporary western culture.

Deconstruction and re-imag(in)ing are critical facets of my work. Combining materials driven processes with creative enquiry, my work experiments with different ways of engaging with everyday materials and searching for alternative possibilities for conceptual and visual expression. Using recyclable and non-textile materials is not only a central aspect of material exploration but also asks questions about our cultural values and definitions of beauty.

Every garment I make is a poetic undertaking. . Making becomes a shamanic process – stitch by stitch, I breathe life into a garment, drawing characters into being and writing poetry in cloth. The image that is seen also hides layers of hidden elements and meaning. There is always more than meets the eye and things are not always as they appear.